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 Any type of organization can expect success from a bowling event.
Weather is a non factor and there's food, drink and fun for everyone of all ages.
We put the fun in 'fun'draisers.
People enjoy 'giving' at bowling events because they get something in return for their donations, FUN!
You can have a fundraisers for any purpose whatsoever. 
Fund raisers are a great way to raise money for sports, bands, clubs,
church groups or people who need assistance with medical bills...
or just to help someone special through tough times.
Call weekdays from 8am-4pm for more info, 303-936-3471

We've seen great success from well managed fundraisers.
Spreading the word is critical for your success.
E-mail, texting, flyers, facebook, twitter, and phone calls are all a good way
to contact lots of folks.
Remember, the more contact you make, the bigger the turn out.
Your success will be based on your effort.

So....what to do?
       Sell or raffle off baked goods, mystery prizes, gift certificates,
donated items, services or anything of value.
Raffle ticket sales work great!
Maybe offer trophies or awards for best (or worst) bowling games!

Keep it interesting and fun! That's what we do after all, is offer fun!

After school special, good till 5pm(ish)weekdays...
Options are as follows:
2 games-n-shoes
2 games, shoes-n-nachos
2 games, shoes, nachos-n-small soda.
OMG! COOL! LGB!=(Let's go bowling!)
o.0 lol...peace!

Free bowling for all active, reserve and retired United States
Military personnel and their immediate families!
Every Tuesday all day!
Must have current Military ID card.
Our way of saying, THANK YOU!